Dr. Reiko Graham



UAC 265

Office Hours: TR afternoons by appt



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BA, Simon Fraser University; MA, University of Northern B.C., PhD, University of Alberta; post-doctoral research, Duke University

Areas of Interest

Cognitive Psychology


Research Information

My area of expertise is in social/affective neuroscience, understanding how the brain processes social and emotional information. The research in our lab focuses primarily on clarifying the behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of visual processing evoked in response to stimuli of motivational significance (e.g., social and appetitive stimuli).

My current research interests lie in understanding how individual differences in attitudes, mood states, and experiences (with target stimuli) interact with attention to direct visual processing. The research conducted in our lab focuses on attentional capture by stimuli with appetitive and/or addictive relevance (alcohol, tobacco and food), as well as studies examining social stimuli (human faces and bodies). Our lab uses a combination of behavioral (reaction time and accuracy, eye-tracking) and psychophysiological approaches (electroencephalography, cardiovascular psychophysiology) to examine the reactions of the brain and body during emotional and motivational states.