PSY 1300 Research Experience

Fall 2023 PSY1300 Research Experience Participant Guidelines

This information applies to the following sections of PSY1300:

Fall 2023:

                                                            M, W, F    8:00-8:50 AM      Section 001 (CRN 12573) – Instructor: Dr. Reiko Graham 

                                                            M, W, F    9:00-9:50 AM      Section 002 (CRN 12093) – Instructor: Mr. John Angulo

                                                            M, W, F    10:00-10:50 AM  Section 003 (CRN 12650) ­– Instructor: Dr. Jessica Cascio

                                                            T, TH        9:30-10:50 AM    Section 004 (CRN 13282) ­– Instructor: Dr. Amy Meeks

                                                            T, TH        11:00-12:20 PM   Section 005 (CRN 11811) ­– Instructor: Dr. Amy Meeks

                                                            T, TH        11:00-12:20 PM   Section 006 (CRN 13283) ­– Instructor: Dr. Kristen Tooley

                                                            T, TH        3:30-4:50 PM       Section 007 (CRN 13284) ­– Instructor: Mr. Mark Stern

                                                            T, TH        2:00-3:20 PM       Section 011 (CRN 20048) ­– Instructor: Ms. Sierra Kaiser

                                                            Online                           Section 012 (CRN 20552) ­– Instructor: Ms. Macy Hicks


Students enrolled in these sections of PSY 1300 are required to engage in research experience. There are two options for gaining this research experience: one involves participation in research studies whereas the other does not. The two options are described more fully in this handout.

To obtain research experience credits by participating in a study, please use the handout above to log into You must complete a minimum of 6 credits.

Fall 2023 Open date: Friday, September 8th, 2023

         Due date: Monday, November 27th, 2023, by 11:59 pm 

*Please note that your account will not be set up until the open date listed above, so you will not be able to log on until that date.

Once your account is set up, you will also be able to check your research experience credits on that web site. To obtain research experience credits by submitting journal article summaries, please refer to the handout.   


Research Experience Tutorials

The following page contains tutorial videos for each of the Research Experience options students can use to complete their Research Experience Requirement this semester (i.e., earn the 6 required credits):

Option 1: Signing Up for Research Studies in SONA

Option 2: How to Do Research Article Summaries:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Experience Requirement