Pre-Medical Concentration

If you are interested in psychology and ultimately plan to pursue a career in medicine, consider the pre-medical concentration option. As a pre-medical student, majoring in psychology may be particularly beneficial if you are interested in medical specialties or sub-specialties such as pediatrics, geriatric medicine, sleep medicine, psychiatry, neurology, addiction medicine, and others.

The pre-medical concentration is a pre-professional program that combines the Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in biology and accommodate the specific science courses that are pre-requisites for medical school. This program will allow you to design a competitive transcript and will prepare you to apply to medical school upon the completion of your undergraduate degree. 

Students will have the opportunity to explore topic such as:

  • child development and behavior
  • biological and psychological aspects of aging
  • disorders of brain function
  • interactions of sleep and memory
  • process underlying addictive behaviors
  • body/mind interaction in physical and mental health
  • influence of sociocultural beleifs and perceptions on health behaviors

Students pursuing the pre-medical concentration should meet with a pre-medical advisor as soon as possible. Students seeking health professions degrees such as Nursing, Clinical Laboratory Science, Communication Disorders, Radiation Therapy, or Respiratory Care may not benefit from the pre-medical concentration.

The degree check list for the Bachelor of Science Pre-Medical concentration can be found here.