Application FAQs

  • Prerequisite Courses

    • You will need to take the three prerequisite classes, and they must be completed before you begin your first semester in the MAPR program: Introduction to Psychology, Quantitative and Statistical Methods, and Experimental and Research Design.

      Some applicants who did not earn an undergraduate degree in psychology do take the prerequisites here at Texas State. Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Statistics (PSY 1300 and PSY 2301) are both offered here but can also be taken at community colleges such as Austin Community College.

      Research Methods is a course that is usually offered at four-year universities. At Texas State, you would also need to take the Introduction to Stats lab (PSY 2101) since the lab and the lecture (PSY 2301) are prerequisites for our Research Methods course (PSY 3402), but we usually allow students who transfer the Statistics lecture credit to take the lab and Research Methods concurrently.

      To take these classes at Texas State if you already have a bachelor’s degree, you must apply to the university as a non-degree seeking student through the Graduate College. Information about applying to Texas State can be found on the Graduate College’s website under Programs.

    • We strongly prefer Psychology statistics courses, but we have accepted other stats courses in the past in lieu of Psychology statistics. We may ask for a syllabus to confirm that the course in question covers the same topics as a Psychology statistics course.

    • If you don’t meet the requirements for full admission, your application file would be reviewed to determine if you’re eligible for conditional admission. If you’re eligible for conditional admission and a mentor match is made, you would be required to meet certain conditions in your first semester. For example, you could be admitted with the condition that you earn a B or better in the graduate statistics class in the fall semester. If you meet that condition, your condition would be lifted, and you would continue in the program under regular admission status.

  • GRE Test

  • Application Process

    • The Research Interest Statement is a listing, in order of preference, of three graduate faculty members from the Texas State Psychology Department whose research interests most closely match your own. We recommend that you expand on why you would like to work with them and how your research interests align with theirs, but it’s not required. A list of three names is the minimum amount of information required.

      Being matched to a mentor who can advise the student in their research interests is a necessary component of the MAPR admission process that is similar to how many psychology doctoral programs admit students. Please make sure that you list faculty members who are currently accepting students. You are also welcome to reach out to faculty members you are interested in being mentored by to tell them about yourself and to learn about their current research.

    • To view faculty research interests and who is currently accepting graduate students, click here.

General Program-Related FAQs

For additional information, please contact Dr. Katherine Warnell (Program Director) or Jess Bazaldua (Program Specialist)