Graduate Instructional Assistant

What is a GIA?

  • A GIA is a Graduate Instructional Assistant
  • A GIA is employed by an academic department, but not reported as Teacher of Record

GIA Regulations:

  • Must be enrolled in at least (9) nine semester credit hours in a graduate degree program
  • Must be a degree-seeking candidate
  • Must maintain a 3.0 Texas State GPA

Fall 2019 GIAs

2018 Cohort: Christopher Baroody, Ashley Frost, Ethan Gibeaut, Merab Gomez, Eduardo Hernandez, Rabecca Hernandez, Brain Hill, Sierra Kaiser, Kyle Kilchrist, Anna Madden, Aspen Madrid Courtney Wilson

2019 Cohort: Madiha Ali, Kennedy Anderson, Michaela Jefferson, Taylor McDonald, Yoshua Morin, Ashley Myers, Cara Petrofes, Kristen Hardin-Sigler