Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

What is a GTA?

  • A GTA is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and reported as the "Teacher of Record" for an organized class
  • A GTA is employed by an academic department and paid from faculty salaries

GTA Regulations:

  • Must have earned 18 graduate semester hours in their teaching discipline
  • Must enroll in PSY 5105 three times
  • Must report directly to a faculty member and be evaluated regularly
  • Enrollment in (9) nine semester credit hours in a graduate degree program
  • Must be degree-seeking candidate
  • Must maintain a 3.0 Texas State GPA.

2019-2020 GTAs

Aleyda Arreloa

Dalton Edward

Alyse Finch

Dalton Klare

Alyssa Koecki

Mark Stern