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ARIA members have had 34 funded grant submissions totaling over $6,000,000 related to aging research.

22 funded internal grants ($209,650) and 12 funded external grants/contracts ($5,809,041)

Funding agencies/partners include:

National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 
NeuroTrax, Inc.
McKnight Foundation for Neuroscience   
Texas Department of Health and Human Services
Texas Physical Therapy Foundation 
Little Tokyo Service Center (Admin. for Community Living)

ARIA members have over 300 journal articles, book chapters, and books in a variety of high impact peer-reviewed publications including: 

         Science                                  Innovation in Aging
         Journal of Gerontology       Aging & Mental Health
         Psychological Science        Neuropsychologia
         Cortex                                    Journal of Health Psychology
         Neuropsychology                 Journal of Adult Development
         Clinical Nursing Research  Neurobiology of Aging

ARIA members regularly attend and present research at conferences held by organizations such as: 

         Gerontological Society of America 
         American Speech Language Hearing Association
         Memory Disorders Research Society
         Sealy Center on Aging
         Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Media Recognition

Research by ARIA members has been frequently featured in the media:

March 2024
Dr. Carmen Westerberg's research on sleep in Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory may someday help treat individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and was featured on Canada TV's W5 program. News article: Documentary: and in The Times of London

Hillviews, Vol. 50 No. 3, 2019, “Dr. Kyong Hee Chee studies aging in communities”

The Sunday Times (The Times of London), August 18, 2019, “Weak ties: Why casual acquaintances might be the key to happiness”, interviewed Kyong HeeChee,also%20protect%20your%20physical%20health.&text=One%20theory%20is%20that%20having,people%20to%20show%20mental%20flexibility.

KENS5 (CBS affiliate in San Antonio, TX), March 12, 2019, “Local seniors and Texas State students find their zen together”, featured Kyong Hee Chee’s collaborative research

ThirdAge.Design, November 4, 2022, "Dementia Design that Supports Respect for Residents", Guest: Dr. Christopher Johnson

Texas State Newsroom, June 21, 2022, "Texas State professor enhancing safety for older adults through technology”

Big Ideas TXST podcast, May 2, 2022 “Episode 28: Heath benefits of volunteering with Seoyoun Kim”

Discover Magazine, May 13, 2022 “Understanding the basis of superior memory”

Texas Monthly, August 31, 2021: “Aging in the Right Place”

Magazines/Print: Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Huffington Post, New Trail Magazine, Momentum, Brain & Life, News Medical, San Marcos Daily Record, The Scientist, Texas Monthly, Aging Today

Radio/Podcasts: 94.1 KWVH Wimberley Valley Radio, Texas Big Ideas podcast, Third Age Design podcast, I Heart Radio podcast, KZSM

Television: KENS5 CBS San Antonio affiliate, CTV News W5