Career Development

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology at Texas State University can acquire a strong basic foundation to enhance their pursuit of career goals. By working with faculty on research projects, independent studies, field placements and practica students can especially strengthen relevant job skills. Employment opportunities are available in private industry, management, social services, probation, sales, research, education, and human resources.

For students planning to pursue a graduate degree, opportunities to work closely with faculty on research, independent studies, and field placements help to provide an experiential component and strong academic base for future graduate education.

Students seeking advice on career decisions are encouraged to meet with members of the faculty to discuss career goals. A complete list of career advising areas is available in the faculty directory. Filter by career advising interest to find faculty who can assist you. For students interested in the counseling/therapy professions, reach out to Dr. Bitney for preclinical advising at

Faculty in the department have also prepared a handout on psychology careers and graduate school, PDF which is highly recommended to all students.

Below are additional resources about careers in psychology from other websites:

Preparing for Grad School in the Counseling Professions

Counseling Career Chat

Dr. Bitney introduces students to the various counseling career paths then introduces their guest speaker.

Shay Zimmer is a psychotherapist in private practice who has psychoanalytic training and is a mindfulness meditation teacher. Prior to her nine years of private practice experience, she worked in psychiatric hospitals facilitating groups, providing family therapy and case management. Shay is also a former EMT and worked as an LMSW in emergency departments in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Bitney introduces students to the various counseling career paths then introduces their guest speaker.

Dr. Adams is a Clinical Psychologist with 20+ years of experience working with Veterans (PTSD & Substance Use), Severe Mental Illness, Forensic Evaluations and more.