Registering for Psychology Courses

Students register for Psychology courses on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, students should register at their earliest opportunity. The Psychology Department opens as many spots as possible in all courses (online courses included); there are no “extra” spots held in reserve.

The Psychology Department does not admit students into closed classes. 

Schedule Changes (After the start of classes)

Once classes start, students typically have the first 7 class days to change their schedules through adds and drops. No special approval is needed during this time. After the 7th class day, however, written consent of the department chair or designee is needed to add a class. Such approval is granted only in exceptional cases and with the consent of the instructor. In any case, students may not be allowed to make up missed assignments due to late registration.


Psychology course prerequisites are strictly enforced. Students who do not meet course prerequisites may be dropped before the start of classes. For example, if you are currently enrolled in PSY 2301 and you register for PSY 3402 in the following semester but then fail to complete PSY 2301 with a C or higher, you may be dropped from PSY 3402 after grades post.

Occasionally, a prerequisite course is not recognized by the computer system. If you are trying to register for an open class but are unable to do so (e.g., an in-progress or completed prerequisite class is not being recognized), then use the request form below to request a prerequisite override.