Study Abroad Program in Greece

Study Abroad in Greece 2024 - Texas State University

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Which Program & When

  • Study Abroad in Greece 2024, 05/28-06/27
  • Travel dates:  05/27 (departure from the U.S. to Athens, Greece) – 06/27 (last day of the program/departure from Athens)


  • Athens, Nafplio, and Paros island


  • Undergraduate students with good standing (minimum GPA 2.5)
  • Students must enroll in 2 courses offered during the program (6 credit hrs.)
  • Students must get the selected classes approved by their academic advisor before applying to the program (see Academic Advising Form for Faculty-Led Programs)

Classes offered during SA in Greece 2024:

Students must take 2 courses during the program, chosen from the following:

  • PSY 3331* - Social Psychology (Dr. Czyzewska)
  • PSY 3333* - Industrial Psychology (Dr. Howard)
  • PSY 3334* - Psychology of Human Diversity (Dr. Czyzewska)
  • PSY 3361* - Health Psychology (Dr. Howard)

* Classes can be taken for Honors credit with Honors College contracts

Cost ($5,073):

The cost of this month-long study abroad program includes:

  • $200 application fee
  • $300 program deposit 
  • Tuition & fees for 6 hours of university credit
  • Lodging
  • Some meals
  • Local transportation and entrance fees to group excursions
  • International medical/travel Insurance
  • Does not include airfare
  • Does not include some meals and personal travel before/during/after program (students recommend $1000 for these expenses)


How & When to Apply

More Information

For more information, please visit the Education Abroad Website.